About US

DNF International Law Firm is honored to present its legal services worldwide and the best way possible in the way that everyone can assign his/her case confidently and hope to meet justice at the right time.

It is to say that DNF is something more than a simple law firm. Thanks to its creative managers and staff, DNF Law firm is working on some universal innovative plans. Following, the most important projects are introduced briefly:

  • Handling international cases

DNF Law Firm practices focus on drafting all kinds of contracts, resolving disputes through specialized arbitration, company registration, also advising and representing in different claims including criminal, fraud , abuse of confidence, and also family-related issues, inheritance, check and tax.

  • Travelers Legal Insurance/DNF Legal Insurance

Beside the Legal Insurance plan for citizens, DNF Law Firm introduces the Legal Insurance for Travelers who visit Iran for any reason as tourist, researcher or businessperson, etc. 24-hour Legal service is accompanying visitors  in Iran, so that they do not need to worry happened they face any legal matter during their journey.

  • Organizing legal training courses / seminars

Getting familiar with the basics of law is a today need, thus DNF Law Firm has planned to hold various training courses and seminars. Beside the elementary courses in the field of law, there are also offered International specialized Law courses. Qualified lecturers and instructors are invited from all around the world to assist the Law Firm in managing and presenting the courses.

  • Marketing & Representing foreign companies in Iran

              DNF Law firm is in the proper situation to link foreign companies to reliable marketing experts that can work as their legal representative. All the contracts is drafted under DNF Law Firm monitoring and responsibility.

  • Free International Legal Training through Telegram Channels

Social networks are so close to every one rather than family members and friends. They are available to get benefit from whenever you wish. The same point has made DNF Law Firm to think about a training program through social networks. Telegram has been selected as the most suitable road for communicating the audiences. So some channels and groups have been created in Telegram that each follows its own aims by daily activity.

DNF Law Firm’s hope is that peace and justice govern whole of the world and that is not possible unless we, every individual, dream it and try to reach it.