Criminal Law

Normally one does not plan to get criminal charges, but, it is Circumstances which lead him there into. No matter which family member has simply made a mistake or has been wrongfully accused, you need an expertized criminal lawyer.
DNF Law Firm has provided the best legal services for handling the criminal cases. Our highly qualified lawyers not only eliminate your concerns about criminal justice but also about your credit rating, your career and your reputation depending on your circumstances.
The main areas we practice in the field of criminal cases are listed below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find your case in this list. Our attorneys advise you effectively.
- Fraud/Swindling
- transfer ab invito
- obtaining property illegally
- Homicide/Murder
- Forcible Entry and Possession
- Theft
- Computer and Cyber Crimes
- Abuse of Confidence
- Sabotage
- Disgrace and Defamation
- Illegal Sexual Intercourse
- Accidents
- Work Accidents
- Medical Crimes