Ownership and Lands

As soon as a land is purchased, some rights gets inseparable from the land and the landowner can take benefit of all of those rights potentially, but that is not what happens in real situation as sometimes a landowner may not exercise his/her rights because of interface with another landowner's rights. In another circumstances government itself may limit the landowner in the way s/he uses the land or maybe because of special restrictions between seller and buyer, the landowner has to ignore some of her/his rights on the land.
To have a released mind in making any contract in the field of land or in governing your rights over the land, our attorneys can ensure you that your property transaction conforms to all laws. Whether you are the landowner or just renter, lawyers in DNF Law Firm can help resolve your law problems.
The main practice areas in the field of Inheritance are listed below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find your case in this list. Our attorneys advise you effectively.
- Notarial Claims
- Municipality Claims
- Right of Business and Profession
- Obligation to Make a Documents
- Obligation to Delivery of object of sale/lands - Dispossession
- Evict
- Participation in Construction