Iran FM calls for removal of banking barriers in Iran-Brazil Ties

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif met with Brazilian President Michel Temer at the end of his official schedule in Brasilia.

During the meeting, Mr. Zarif pointed out to the current volume of bilateral economic relations and called for deepening economic ties and creating trade balance.


Iranian foreign minister stressed that there were cooperation opportunities with Brazil in different fields including energy, transportation, agriculture and advanced technologies.

He also said that the lack of banking relations between Tehran and Brasilia was one of the major obstacles to the development of mutual ties, emphasizing that a solution must be found for the problem.

Using the national currencies of both countries and accelerating the operation of providing Brazil's exclusive credit to Iran, cooperation in oil and gas sector, implementing joint projects in the field of new technologies such as nanotechnology, biotechnology and aeronautics were other topics addressed by Mr. Zarif at this meeting.

Mr. Zarif also called for deepening relations to increase economic activities between the two countries and said, “Iran is ready to cooperate with the Brazilian companies in joint investments and implementation of projects using modern technologies.There are also many opportunities for foreign companies in the field of construction and equipping of houses, rail, road and air transport, as well as the development of maritime ports. Given the presence of capable and experienced companies in Brazil, the country can work in these fields as well”.

The Iranian senior diplomat also thanked the government of Brazil for recognizing Iran's right to enjoy peaceful nuclear technology, calling for continuity of consultations with the country.


source: ISNA

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